World Water Day

March 24, 2023

World Water Day is not only about recognizing, educating and advocating for access to clean water. It’s also about understanding the issues that impact water resources around the world, including McFadden Engineering’s home state of Alabama.

In 2021 we launched a blog, Managing Alabama’s Natural Resources. Did you know the state of Alabama boasts 16 distinct river basins; 129,700 total miles of rivers/streams; 59,000 miles of perennial (i.e., streams that flow year-round) rivers/streams; and 490,472 acres of lakes/reservoirs/ponds? The responsibility of managing these bodies of water and the effluent that enters these bodies is not just in the hands of the state but is a responsibility of citizens and professionals to be good stewards of our available water resources. 

The blog explains that with this abundance of water comes the obligation and duty to manage these vital natural resources to protect them for future generations. That duty has been promulgated by the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments (FWPCA, PL-92-500) in 1972 to each state where management and enforcement duties were implemented. The McFadden Engineering team is proud to support federal, state and local agencies who govern and regulate these efforts and the municipalities and industries who work diligently to not only utilize but protect these resources as well.

The McFadden Engineering team has spent decades developing innovative systems to solve our states most challenging water and wastewater problems. The McFadden team has extensive experience in developing water reuse systems to conserve and optimize the usage of this abundant natural resource. In addition, McFadden Engineering has a history of developing and improving wastewater treatment process solutions. In 2016, the team introduced a water treatment system designed to remove 98% of the typical wastewater contaminants. Our team works daily with clients throughout North America evaluating and implementing solutions to assist with water reuse and addressing challenging issue that impact our waterways. 

Read more about McFadden Engineering’s impact on water in the state of Alabama in a recent case study Rain Drop Car Wash Installs McFadden Engineering’s OxyShark® Water Reclamation System

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