Wastewater Operations and Facility Management

April 26, 2022

Many wastewater treatment facilities operate with an in-house facility management staff that is responsible for wastewater treatment operations. McFadden Engineering can ease the burdens many clients face when tasked to maintain general facility and wastewater treatment operations for their organizations. Our experienced Grade 4 wastewater operator and engineering staff offer training, maintenance and full-facility management to customers with small to medium flow wastewater systems, including schools, college campuses and small municipalities.

Our team always follows stringent environmental regulations and permit requirements to ensure the most sustainable approach to wastewater treatment.

Operations Options

Full Facility Management

For customers interested in complete facility management, this is a multi-step process that involves a thorough system evaluation, determining a need for equipment upgrades (if necessary), maintaining and optimizing existing facilities, streamlining process (i.e. process modifications, equipment maintenance procedures, etc.) and integration of new technologies as needed. We can help with the entire process or just individual phases or portions.

Achieving Plant Efficiency

McFadden determines the desired efficiency goals for all of our customers. Efficiency is mandatory for any organization, but especially wastewater treatment. Running a safe, efficient operation requires data evaluation which is done through process sampling. We look at the influent and compare to the effluent of the plant. We also compare to any discharge limitations the facility may have. To better understand the results we receive, we evaluate data “within the process”. This can help operators understand if adjustments need to be made or if additional treatment might be required to achieve the desired goals of the facility.

From an operational, geographic standpoint, McFadden Engineering designs, builds and evaluates processes for wastewater treatment plants in the Southeast. Due to the urgent nature and timeliness required for wastewater treatment plants operations, McFadden Engineering limits our operations to within a couple hours drive from Mobile, Alabama.

McFadden Facility Management and Operations

Whether your wastewater operation focuses on small to medium flow wastewater systems, schools, college campuses or small municipalities, McFadden Engineering can provide site assessment, maintenance for existing wastewater treatment operations, detailed assessments of overall plant efficiency and assist with process, controls and mechanical issues. If you’re looking for an engineering partner to handle the bulk of your plant management, provide general assessment and maintenance or assist in existing treatment operations, consider working with McFadden Engineering. Contact us for more information.