April Newsletter from McFadden Engineering

April 7, 2021

Importance of an Environmental Consultant 

By: David Crawford 

As a manufacturer or someone that occupies a space in the industrial sector, your process will create byproducts of some sort. Environmental air emissions, waste, wastewater, stormwater, and other constituents will be regulated on a local, state, and federal level. To achieve environmental compliance, these different regulatory levels will require monitoring and reporting to remain in environmental compliance. 

At McFadden Engineering, we realize that achieving environmental compliance can be a challenge for many companies. Navigating the complex environmental regulatory requirements can be costly and time-consuming if not done correctly. We excel in providing a streamlined process through safe, cost effective, and innovative solutions while simplifying the path to achieve maximum compliance. 

At McFadden Engineering, we understand that environmental compliance can be a burden at times and is not always the primary focus. 

We use our years of experience and expertise to create practical solutions for monitoring, reporting, and permitting that still allow clients to stay focused on essential plant components and running their business. We stay up to date on changes in regulatory requirements and provide clarity of ongoing requirements during times of political change. 

McFadden Engineering has a wealth of experience covering a broad range of civil and environmental services. Our specialties include environmental permitting for municipal, commercial and industrial dischargers, environmental permitting and compliance management for industrial manufacturing facilities, site assessments and remediation, master planning for utilities, water quality projects, and wastewater process design. 

Planning for the Future 

No matter what challenges you have within the environmental compliance requirements of your buisiness, finding the best solution to ovecome it is a neccesity. We take great pride in serving some of the same clients we started with nearly 35 years ago. Our success lies within the long term relationships we maintain with our clients. Let McFadden Engineering partner with you on your next project. We succeed when our clients succeed. 

We’re excited to introduce a monthly newsletter to share information about our team, industry news and recent projects. This month we’re discussing the essential role of environmental consultants, and the importance of building long-term relationships with our clients.

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