Rain Drop Car Wash Installs McFadden Engineering’s OxyShark® Water Reclamation System

October 27, 2022

OxyShark® Water Reclamation (OWR) is a wastewater treatment system used to treat domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. OxyShark utilizes a high-rate biological process specially designed to produce reusable, nearly potable clean water.

Founded by a team of experienced water engineering professionals with a background in wastewater process design, OxyShark is a leader in the wastewater treatment world, distinguished by its speed and efficiency in completing the treatment process up to 10x faster and with a smaller footprint than traditional systems.

Car Wash Training Facility in Clay, AL

A customer came to the OxyShark team with a proposed car wash and car wash training facility in Clay, AL. The main challenge of this location was the lack of sewer connections in which to discharge wastewater. The expected capacity was 7,500 gallons per day (GPD) of car wash water generated at the site. Following a thorough design process, a two-unit system was designed and installed featuring Zeolite filtration and a 10,000-gallon equalization (EQ) tank. The large EQ tank was necessary to handle any temporary surges since there was no available sewer discharge connection. The customer’s goal was 100% water reuse less the approximate 17% losses due to evaporation and drive-off.

OxyShark also allows for a small city water usage at the car washes’ reverse osmosis filter for a spot-free rinse and an automatic city water make-up valve installed on the reclaim tank to replace water lost to drive off and evaporation.

From day one, the system exceeded expectations, as the customer is averaging 10,000 GPD due to a higher-than-expected traffic count. The system was able to increase the average flow through the OxyShark system beyond the design point to meet the increased demand. The customer reports clean water with no odor, good wash quality and efficient use of chemicals. Every three to four months, the McFadden team will purge the system with a small volume of city water. This helps reduce the build-up of dissolved solids in the reclaim water. Other than this quarterly purge and the small amount of spot-free rinse water, the system is 100% reclaim. The OxyShark microprocessor based 100% reclaim wash water system proved to be the best solution for this challenging car wash project.

In addition to this unique car wash application, OxyShark has proven to be an efficient treatment technology in many other commercial and industrial applications. If you are interested in learning more about potential applications for OxyShark treatment technology and the capabilities of our system, contact us at 251-470-6870 or visit our website. We look forward to working with you on any future potential projects.