McFadden Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Services Overview

January 20, 2023

As a new year begins, it’s important to regroup and take stock of the services we offer and the impact we have helped our clients make in the community. McFadden Engineering is a 35-year-old firm, that provides environmentally sound solutions to solve the unique engineering needs of our clients. We are licensed to serve clients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Our technical staff has a cumulative 120 years of experience solving water and wastewater problems.

Civil Engineering and General Services

McFadden Engineering offers civil engineering services to commercial and industrial clients of all sizes. With a multi-disciplinary approach, we offer services such as development master planning, grading and drainage plan development, detention and retention design and stormwater management.

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Site Assessment and Remediation

McFadden Engineering is a leader in providing timely environmental site assessments to determine the existence of any environmental liabilities. Professional assessments include assembling public site records, leading physical site inspections, conducting interviews and performing additional steps as requested by the client, all conducted in accordance with established ASTM guidelines. Should an initial assessment reveal environmental problems, McFadden Engineering has the expertise to aid in conducting further investigation of the site (Phase II Site Assessment) as well as determining and implementing appropriate solutions.

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Environmental Engineering Services

McFadden Engineering provides general environmental engineering services aimed to protect the environment from the impact of both natural and human activities. Our broad environmental engineering experience includes the development of best management practices for facility compliance, spill and response plan development for industrial clients and determining treatment alternatives for meeting permitted discharge limits.

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Environmental Compliance

McFadden Engineering has excellent established relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and navigates the regulatory environmental permitting process on our client’s behalf, saving time and capital. Performing compliance audits for our clients assists them in meeting legal obligations for environmental performance.

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Water Quality and Hydraulic Modeling

McFadden Engineering has been on the leading edge of water quality modeling for more than 30 years, helping to develop some of the first water quality models used by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Water quality modeling can be used to estimate the environmental impact of factors such as wastewater treatment plant discharges, industrial activity and commercial site development.

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

McFadden Engineering has extensive experience in managing drinking water and wastewater treatment. As a leader in water and wastewater process design in the Southeast, we deliver innovative systems to solve the most challenging problems. McFadden Engineering believes that by evaluating the water and wastewater needs of the client, a solution can be developed that specifically addresses the problem. No two clients are the same and our innovative approach to providing solutions expands our clients’ operational flexibility and allows for future growth.

Learn more about our work with Attalla Water Works Board (AWWB) to expand and upgrade its water treatment facility in Etowah County, Alabama.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Our goal for industrial wastewater treatment clients is to streamline treatment processes, achieve full compliance and ultimately reduce or eliminate surcharges and extra costs incurred from not meeting permit limits. 

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Facility Management and Operations

McFadden Engineering offers facility management and operation services to ease the burden our clients face when tasked with maintaining general facilities and wastewater treatment operations for their organizations. 

Our experienced Class 4 Wastewater Operator and engineering staff offer training, maintenance and full facility management to customers with small to medium flow wastewater systems, including schools, college campuses and small municipalities. We understand these organizations may not have a wastewater operator on staff, which is when McFadden’s team can step in and address those needs. McFadden Engineering can assess and maintain existing wastewater treatment operations and can also offer training and new management solutions for operators who may face recurring challenges on the job.

Learn more about our weekly management of the University of Mobile wastewater treatment system. 

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