Introducing Beverly Lowery, Environmental Technician

February 28, 2019

Beverly Lowery is a native of Biloxi, MS who fell in love with Mobile while obtaining her undergraduate degree in geology at The University of South Alabama. After graduating with her master’s degree in environmental science from The University of West Florida in August of 2018, she moved back to make Mobile her new home. She worked briefly at Energy Technical Services as an environmental lab technician before coming to work at McFadden Engineering. Before going back to school for her geology and environmental science degrees, she worked as an accountant for five years in Biloxi, Mississippi.

What led you to go back to school to study geology?

I had always wanted to be a geologist since I was a little girl. I started working when I was 14 and just naturally fell into the management and accounting field, but after getting my associates degree and working in the field for five years, I felt unsatisfied. I still longed to live out my dream of becoming a geologist, so I made the decision to go back and get my geology degree. I crave knowledge and enjoy learning, so going back to school to study what I love was an honor that I gave to myself. While obtaining my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with researching natural ways to remediate polluted water. This led to me attending The University of West Florida where I got to research and create a water filter made out of biosolids biochar, while working at the university as an instructor and obtaining my graduate degree.

What attracted you to McFadden Engineering?

I first heard of McFadden Engineering when I attended a Partners for Environmental Progress breakfast that they sponsored. During this breakfast, McFadden Vice President Brad Newton got up to give a brief speech before the main guest went on. He talked about the company and their invention of the OxyShark® Water Reclamation System and when he went to sit down, I remember thinking “no wait, keep talking.”

Later a professor from UWF emailed me about an opening at the company and I knew I had to apply. I loved working at an analytical lab and testing water for various analytes, but I wanted to be part of the solution for improving water quality and eliminating excesses in these analytes that can be harmful to the environment. I felt that working for McFadden Engineering would allow me to use my skills and knowledge to better insure a safe and healthy environment.

What do you like most about being part of McFadden Engineering?

Honestly, everything, but mainly the people I work with. Being part of a great team that works together to solve environmental issues where everybody’s ideas and work comes together to form this wonderful solution, is incredible. I’m also learning a lot from everyone here and growing as an environmental geologist.

Beverly’s research in the field of wastewater treatment systems has been published in the journal Environmental Earth Sciences (2018) and been presented to the Geological Society of America about stormwater runoff (2015) and groundwater discharge (2016).


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