Facility Management and Operations

Small flow wastewater systems are important and must be properly maintained for maximum effectiveness. With our in-house staff, McFadden Engineering offers facility management and operation services to ease the burden our clients face when tasked to maintain general facilities and wastewater treatment operations for their organizations. 

Our experienced Class 4 Wastewater Operator and engineering staff offer training, maintenance and full facility management to customers with small to medium flow wastewater systems, including schools, college campuses and small municipalities. We understand these organizations may not have a wastewater operator on staff, which is when McFadden’s team can step in and address those needs.

McFadden Engineering can assess and maintain existing wastewater treatment operations, and can also offer training and new management solutions for operators who may face recurring challenges on the job. Specifically, MEI can provide detailed assessments of overall wastewater plant efficiency focusing on process, controls, and mechanical issues.  MEI can also assist clients implementing new technologies and equipment into their existing treatment train and developing operation and maintenance programs for existing staff.

Whether a facility already has a wastewater operator on staff or is looking for someone to handle that aspect of their business, McFadden can develop policies and procedures for the operation and management of the wastewater treatment facility. 

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