Coast Seafood Maintenance

McFadden Engineering (MEI) currently provides operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment system and permit compliance services for Coast Seafood’s processing facility in Coden, Alabama. The facility has an attached growth biological treatment system that treats the wastewater from the processing facility and disinfects the water using ozone treatment prior to injection into a disposal field at the site.  The facility has an ADEM underground injection control (UIC) permit for the disposal of wastewater requiring monitoring of the effluent from the treatment system and the groundwater adjacent to the disposal field.  MEI was retained by Coast Seafood to maintain the system and performs the following tasks on a quarterly basis at the facility:

    • Check oxygen concentrator and ozone generator for performance and efficient operation.
    • Check for proper function of all pumps.
    • Check above ground piping for leaks.
    • Check settings on main control panel and adjust as necessary.
    • Retrieve trend data from controller and prepare usage report for review with Coast Seafood representative.
    • Check cycle frequency of PS01, PS02, and PS03 and make control adjustments as necessary to optimize efficiency and maximize product life.
    • Sample influent and effluent.
    • Check total dissolved oxygen in WWTP and adjust blower run time, Oxygen production, and venturi injection as necessary.
    • Check amp draw on all pumps and blowers.
    • Lubricate any motor bearings that are not permanently sealed.
    • Coordinate system pump out if necessary.
    • Wash and clean media.

Through MEI’s efforts, the treatment system and disposal field has remained in compliance with its UIC permit and good standing with ADEM.