Industrial Wastewater Treatment

With decades of experience in the water and wastewater sectors, McFadden Engineering is the expert when it comes to industrial wastewater treatment. There are typically multiple ways to treat water from an industrial standpoint, and we specialize in analyzing existing treatment processes and then optimizing and/or expanding those processes for the benefit of the client.

We understand that each wastewater treatment scenario is unique in its goal including process requirements, permitting limits and other regulations. McFadden Engineering begins with a system evaluation and compliance review, then moves into planning for optimization of the wastewater treatment system and facilities. Additionally, our team works with clients to assess any opportunity to reuse water within the facility.

A distinct advantage that McFadden Engineering has is its professional relationship with Dr. A.J. Englande. Dr. Englande is Professor Emeritus for the Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences at Tulane University specializing in industrial wastewater applications, water quality issues, and toxicity assessment and control. Dr. Englande helps McFadden Engineering provide its clients with world class expertise that cannot be supplied by the typical engineering firm.

Our goal for industrial wastewater treatment clients is to streamline treatment processes, achieve full compliance and ultimately reduce or eliminate surcharges and extra costs incurred from not meeting permit limits. 

Industries we work with include food and beverage, pulp and paper, wastewater acceptors, oil and gas/drilling, and more. 

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