Water Treatment Plan – North Baldwin Utilities

Bay Minette, Alabama

McFadden Engineering was retained by North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) to provide professional engineering and consulting services for preliminary engineering and ADEM permit assistance for a water supply well, water treatment plant and associated appurtenances for a facility located on Drinkard Road in Bay Minette, Alabama. McFadden Engineering reviewed data provided by NBU in regard to the physical, hydraulic and chemical data resultant from a test well program to conceptually design the water supply well and associated treatment facility for the purpose of obtaining an ADEM permit for construction of the facility.

We provided NBU a Preliminary Engineering Report with preliminary drawings, process descriptions, equipment definitions and other associated information as necessary to describe the nature of the proposed facility.  The Preliminary Engineering Report was submitted to ADEM as documentation for the permit application.

Upon receipt of the ADEM permit, NBU retained McFadden Engineering to develop plans to construct a new water treatment plan featuring a 1,000 gpm structure and piping design to be accomplished with an initial treatment process train design of 500 gpm and subsequent additional 500 gpm treatment process train, if required.

McFadden Engineering assisted NBU with the design of the clear well and made recommendations for equipment needed for treatment of the groundwater. We provided design and specifications for all process treatment equipment, service pumps, disinfection equipment and appurtenances for the project. We also developed a site layout and piping diagram for the facility. McFadden Engineering also provided construction observation for the construction of the clear well and assisted NBU with the development of as-built drawings upon completion of the project.