Assessment and Remediation of Master Cleaners Dry Cleaners Locations

Mobile, Alabama

McFadden Engineering was retained by Master Cleaners to act as the lead consultant and provide all planning, design, field work and corrective action for assessment and remediation of four dry cleaning facility sites in the Mobile, Alabama area under the Alabama Drycleaners Environmental Response Trust Fund (ADERTF).

McFadden Engineering worked with sub consultants to complete property assessments, including the development of assessment and sampling plans. We also manage and conduct semiannual sampling of groundwater monitoring wells at each of the sites as well as monitor well maintenance.

Work items include delineating contaminant plumes, preparation of reports and studies for Alabama Department of Environmental Management and ADERTF review, developing corrective action plans for remediation of the sites, semiannual sampling and reporting of groundwater monitoring well network and managing the implementation of the corrective action measures. McFadden Engineering has, on behalf of the client, prepared cost proposals to be submitted to the ADERTF Board for proposed work and prepared reimbursement forms for completed work that itemizes tasks performed on the project.

Due to similar contamination plumes, the plan is to use similar remediation technologies at the facilities as a cost savings to the client. Proposed remediation includes the excavation and disposal of source area soils to risk-based levels.  Groundwater treatment will be accomplished by injecting ethyl lactate into injection wells in the source area to promote bioremediation in the areas where groundwater is impaired, specifically in the source area. Natural attenuation of the contamination plume downgradient of the source area is expected to occur. However, monitoring will continue to determine if additional treatment measures are required.