MH WIRTH Water Reclamation System

Mobile, Alabama Facility

MHWirth is a leading global provider of drilling solutions for the offshore market. Its Mobile, Alabama facility has a support operation that cleans, evaluates, and repairs drilling rods for reuse in drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.  The washdown water from their cleaning operation was being containerized leading to additional expenses from high water usage and disposal costs.   McFadden Engineering was retained to develop a water treatment system for this washdown water.  MEI analyzed the water and developed a treatment system that included a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system followed by filtration to remove solids.  The treated water was then pumped to a storage tank on site to be reused in the drilling rod cleaning process.  Through the implementation of this system, MHWirth has minimized the environmental footprint of the cleaning process by reducing the amount of water used and disposal costs.