City of Robertsdale Water and Wastewater Engineering Services

City of Robertsdale, AL

McFadden Engineering was involved in the design of an 1.5-mgd advanced WWTP (Biolac Process®) capable of discharging more than 95 percent treated effluent. Services include the ADEM NPDES permit application, water quality model of Rock Creek, operator training, and construction engineering. McFadden was also involved in the design of a 1-MG water storage tank, 1,200-gpm well, and WTP using the area’s first MIOX® disinfection process containing salt (NaCl) to produce mixed oxidants for disinfection, thus eliminating the need for using chlorine gas as a disinfectant reagent.  In addition, the company was involved in the design of a pump station system to allow the city to abandon its main interceptor line to the WWTP and reduce I/I to the WWTP.  McFadden was also responsible for the development of a water and wastewater master plan for the city to assist in meeting infrastructure needs due to growth requirements in one of the fastest growing counties in Alabama.