McFadden Engineering is a fast growing firm and serves many municipalities and agencies across the southeastern United States. Some of our clients include the US Army Corps of Engineers, City of Robertsdale, Alabama, and the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System.

Our company continues to strive in providing the best possible service knowing that it builds our reputation with every project we undertake.

We invite you to explore our completed projects from across the southeastern United States and see what McFadden Engineering has to offer.

Bay City Free Will Baptist Church Parking and Drainage Upgrade

Semmes, Alabama

new-parking-lotBay City Free Will Baptist Church (BCFWBC) is a growing church iold-parking-lotn Semmes, Alabama adjacent to Mary G. Montgomery High School. The church is used as overflow parking for football games and other school and community events. The current parking lot was grass and standing water, especially after rain events, had become a concern to the church staff.

In 2015, BCFWBC retained McFadden Engineering to develop a parking area and upgrade the site drainage. McFadden Engineering worked with the city of Semmes, Alabama to develop a commercial site plan design that provided 70 parking spaces for the church in front of the worship facility. A new detention pond was also designed and constructed to capture stormwater runoff from the parking area. In addition, culvert pipes for the two existing access driveways to the church were upgraded to meet Mobile County, specifications.

Master Boat Builders Permit for Dredging Activities

Coden, Alabama

Master-boat-buildersMcFadden Engineering was retained by MBB to assist them with the development of a permit application and dredging plan to perform dredging activities in Bayou Coden and remove a portion of the adjacent upland area to widen the channel and thereby make it more navigable.  McFadden Engineering developed a plan for the channel widening activities and development of an adjacent dredge material disposal site. Joint application and notification of proposed activities was submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Mobile District) and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Impacts of the project will be limited to sediment disturbance in Bayou Coden and a tidal marsh disturbance adjacent to the upland area. The sediment disturbance will be mitigated by implementing the proper best management practices (BMPs) at the dredge and disposal site. McFadden Engineering developed a BMP Plan that provided MBB and its contractors details for managing this sediment migration.

MBB received the permit to perform the proposed activities in 2015 and MBB is currently working to implement the dredging plan. These activities, when completed, will provide the community and adjacent businesses (primarily shipyards) greater access to Porterville Bay and Mississippi Sound through Bayou Coden.


Water Distribution System Expansion – Mobile County Water, Sewer and Fire Protection

Theodore, Alabama

McFadden Engineering, Inc. was retained to assist Mobile County Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority (MCWSFPA) with the expansion of the overall water distribution system in south Mobile County. As an initial task, McFadden Engineering developed an original water model for the entire system, which was comprised of more than 125 miles of distribution lines, five water wells and three existing elevated tanks. The proposed system expansion was included in the model, which included modeling two elevated storage tanks and a new water supply well to evaluate the new infrastructure’s impact on the existing system.

Based on the results from the hydraulic model, the design of two new 1-million gallon elevated tanks, a new 850-gallon per minute water well and control building, and two new pressure reducing stations began. McFadden Engineering also acted in support of MCWSFPA by assisting investment bankers and attorneys in the issuance of a $5 million dollar bond issue used for construction.

McFadden Engineering provided additional assistance to MCWSFPA in the acquisition of the Southeast Mobile County Water System at Alabama Port.  After the acquisition, McFadden Engineering designed 17 miles of water line extensions and new service, including a 1,500 linear feet directional bore under Fowl River.

During McFadden’s tenure working with MCWSFPA, numerous line extensions and upgrades to the existing system were performed including the rehabilitation and painting of elevated storage tanks, the design of 44 miles of ductile iron pipe for the major expansion of the Authority’s water service area, and the general upgrade of existing system.

GIS Conversion and Field Data Collection

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile Area Water and Sewer System

As a subconsultant on the project, McFadden Engineering obtained sub-meter locations for all interceptor and non-interceptor manholes, as directed prime, contained in the sanitary sewer collection system. McFadden Engineering collected additional data, including:

  • Rim elevations
  • Invert elevations
  • Invert pipe sizes
  • Discharge force main sizes
  • Manhole diameter
  • Manhole depth

Site Assessment at Pinebrook Shopping Center

Mobile, Alabama

McFa20160415_075650dden Engineering, Inc. was retained to act as the lead consultant for environmental site assessment activities and remediation at the Pinebrook Shopping Center in Mobile, Alabama. The location of the site assessment was formerly home to Lord’s Dry Cleaners, a dry cleaning establishment that leased space at the Pinebrook Shopping Center.

McFadden Engineering was tasked with assessing the impacts to soil and groundwater from chemicals of concern (COCs) related to dry cleaning operations. We conducted a preliminary investigation that studied soil and groundwater quality below the foundation of the building. Further investigation was conducted outside the building footprint to determine lateral extents of COCs in groundwater.

20160802_093951Based on findings from these assessments, McFadden Engineering proposed a remedial strategy that focused on reducing COC concentrations in groundwater below the building where the former dry cleaners operated. This strategy included the excavation and removal of COC impacted soil from an area inside the former dry cleaners facility.

Upon completion of the soil removal activities, an onsite groundwater recovery and treatment system was installed. Groundwater treatment has been accomplished by pumping groundwater from a recovery well inside the facility through a granular activated carbon filter to remove the COCs and subsequently aerating the water to raise the pH to an acceptable level prior to discharge to the sewer system. Since groundwater COCs have been reduced to stable concentrations, a risk-based corrective action approach is being implemented along with appropriate engineering controls and deed restrictions to eliminate exposure pathways for future occupants of the facility.


OxyShark® Water Reclamation


OxyShark® Water Reclamation (OWR) is a wastewater treatment system used to treat domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. OxyShark utilizes a high-rate biological process specially designed to produce reusable, nearly potable clean water.

Visit the OxyShark website Here


View the innovative OxyShark® process below:

What the OxyShark® Team Can Do

 The OxyShark team can assist with permitting as needed. In the event that a site is working to meet environmental regulations, there is a start up time for compliance.

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OxyShark Adaptability

As a modular system, OxyShark units can be added and adjusted to accommodate virtually any flow rate. To meet the unique needs of a client, we engineer every OxyShark system to the exact specifications of each individual installation site.

To learn more about OxyShark, please visit or email

McDuffie Coal Terminal RCRA Environmental Assessment

Alabama State Port Authority


The Alabama State Port Authority retained McFadden Engineering to perform an environmental assessment of McDuffie Coal Terminal that would generally model an facility assessment in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). This assessment is typically conducted to assess if a release of hazardous waste or hazardous constituents has occurred from a solid waste management unit (SWMU).

McFadden Engineering identified and gathered information on releases that had occurred at the facility, evaluated SWMUs and other Areas of Concern (AOC) for releases to all media including groundwater, surface water, soil and air and made preliminary determinations regarding releases and the need for further actions and interim measures at the facility.

McFadden Engineering identified a number of AOCs or potential AOCs at the McDuffie Coal Terminal facility and made recommendations to ASPA personnel for addressing these items, which included an update of the facility’s spill prevention, control and countermeasure plan and pollution abatement plan. In addition, the review identified a number of best management practices to be implemented at the facility to assist with regulatory compliance. McFadden Engineering also assisted ASPA and McDuffie Coal Terminal personnel in the implementation of these recommendations.

City of Robertsdale Master Planning Services

Robertsdale, Alabama

McFadden Engineering developed a water and sewer Master Plan for the city of Robertsdale, Alabama. With the assistance and input of city personnel, the Master Planning services were completed in 2002. By using forecast models to predict future water and sewer infrastructure needs, McFadden Engineering was able to identify the infrastructure needed, plan the implementation of specific projects so that the infrastructure could be phased into the existing system, and provide the city necessary engineering information needed to obtain funding for such projects through bond initiatives and other avenues.

McFadden Engineering assisted the city in the development of a GIS system that would provide accurate mapping of the existing system as well as a planning tool to assist the city with future projects. Because of additional demands associated with the growth the City of Robertsdale experienced and potential growth in the northern portion of the water service area, the need for an additional water source and storage facility became evident in 2005. The city began making preparations to potential locations for a water well, treatment system and storage tank in this area of the city.

McFadden Engineering was retained to provide consulting engineering services for the modeling, design and construction engineering associated with the project. By using MWH Soft, Inc. H2OMap Water software, McFadden Engineering provided hydraulic modeling services to determine the end result of the addition of the water source and treatment facility. The calibrated and verified model simulated pressures in key sections of the city’s service area so that areas of concern could be identified.  These efforts also assisted the city in identifying proposed locations for the water supply well. In all, approximately 62 miles of water distribution pipes ranging in size from 2 to 12 inches were modeled along with two storage tanks and three water supply wells.

From the modeling effort, a project was developed that involved the design of a 1-million-gallon ground water storage tank, 1,200-gpm water supply well, and water treatment facility. This system utilized the areas first MIOX® disinfection process in which salt (NaCl) is used to produce mixed oxidants for disinfection, thus eliminating the need for using chlorine gas as a disinfectant reagent. Due to the iron content in the raw water, chemical addition and a pressure filter was included in the design to remove the iron content in the water and regulate pH. Finished water is distributed to the city via a triplex booster pump station. McFadden Engineering worked closely with ADEM to obtain construction permits and final approval of the treatment facility. Professional services were provided during 2006 through 2008 with construction of the facility occurring from 2007 to 2009.

Water Treatment Plan – North Baldwin Utilities

Bay Minette, Alabama

McFadden Engineering was retained by North Baldwin Utilities (NBU) to provide professional engineering and consulting services for preliminary engineering and ADEM permit assistance for a water supply well, water treatment plant and associated appurtenances for a facility located on Drinkard Road in Bay Minette, Alabama. McFadden Engineering reviewed data provided by NBU in regard to the physical, hydraulic and chemical data resultant from a test well program to conceptually design the water supply well and associated treatment facility for the purpose of obtaining an ADEM permit for construction of the facility.

We provided NBU a Preliminary Engineering Report with preliminary drawings, process descriptions, equipment definitions and other associated information as necessary to describe the nature of the proposed facility.  The Preliminary Engineering Report was submitted to ADEM as documentation for the permit application.

Upon receipt of the ADEM permit, NBU retained McFadden Engineering to develop plans to construct a new water treatment plan featuring a 1,000 gpm structure and piping design to be accomplished with an initial treatment process train design of 500 gpm and subsequent additional 500 gpm treatment process train, if required.

McFadden Engineering assisted NBU with the design of the clear well and made recommendations for equipment needed for treatment of the groundwater. We provided design and specifications for all process treatment equipment, service pumps, disinfection equipment and appurtenances for the project. We also developed a site layout and piping diagram for the facility. McFadden Engineering also provided construction observation for the construction of the clear well and assisted NBU with the development of as-built drawings upon completion of the project.

Mobile Memorial Gardens

Mobile, Alabama

McFadden Engineering has been the consulting engineer for Mobile Memorial Gardens since 1990, assisting with the Gardens with all their civil engineering needs.  Mobile Memorial Gardens is 200 acre cemetery located in central Mobile County at 6100 Three Notch Road.  MEI has performed numerous projects for the Gardens over the past three decades, including:

  • Civil site design services for the construction of a funeral home and mausoleum
  • Design of an irrigation system for the facility including the design, sizing and construction management of a water well for irrigation purposes
  • Design of storm water control structures including detention ponds and discharge structures with aesthetics that match the theme of the gardens
  • Design of wastewater disposal options and permitting for the funeral home
  • Provided engineering services for a sewage pump station at the facility
  • Development of a GIS system for the Gardens and assistance with overall infrastructure and cemetery master planning for the facility
  • Provided boundary layout and grave plot layout for proposed Veteran’s Garden using GIS system to translate coordinates to ground markings for construction purposes
  • Provided engineering and permitting services for maintenance building expansion
  • Assisted with general layout of roadway expansions throughout the facility
  • Acted as the Garden’s consulting engineer on right-of-way issues and concerns related to county roadways and adjacent properties